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ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Please allow 2-4 days to ship. Shipping is always FREE!
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About me


Born in Miami, Florida to Cuban born parents, I have always loved all kinds of art where I could create things that were unplanned and sometimes wild.  The story of Pixie Girl begins in 2012 after retiring from practicing Dental hygiene and working as a professional children's photographer. I bought my very first sewing machine because I needed a creative outlet from having three kids under three, ALL in diapers. Two of my children are girls so naturally I thought I'd try my hand at making them something they could actually wear.

I purchased about 10 patterns at the local fabric store, brought them home, laid them out and proceeded to be as confused as I think I've ever been. I could not, for the life of me figure it out! I threw them all in the garbage can, took my rotary fabric cutter and started cutting out shapes. I sewed them together and to everyone's shock and bewilderment, I'd managed to make them fit the girls, perfectly.

The comments from strangers was something I could not ignore with respect to this newly discovered hidden talent. One year later, I launched Pixie Girl. I was fortunate enough to have had Chasing Fireflies as one of my first customers and went on to have their best selling product in the history of their catalog. An incredible honor and accomplishment.

Pixie Girl's root mission is always comfort. I use luxuriously soft and stretchy fabrics that are hard to work with, but the results mean that every girl will be able to wear it without scratching due to tags, or complaining that it's not comfortable rendering it a complete waste of money. As a person with a degree of sensory issues and the mother to two who also have sensitivities, I take comfort very seriously.

I love creating styles that make my daughters feel like their everyday clothes are almost "dress up" clothes. That make them feel beautiful and most of all, comfortable. I do this for that moment that your daughters put on a Pixie Girl design. A visceral reaction that I wish I could bottle up. Enjoy.

Pixie Girl, by Vicki Sigg 

Creative. Original. Magical